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Study Law in United States & Get a J.D. Degree



monthly for 24 months

40% discount for DJA members

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* With the conclusion of this contract you agree to the stated total amount. You have the right to pay this amount in up to 24 consecutive monthly installments, beginning with the conclusion of the contract. If you prefer to pay all of the tuition up front, you will be eligible for discount of 300EUR.

Program Definition

This is a comprehensive package for high school graduates who are willing to study law in the United States and obtain a J.D. Degree.

Deutsche Juristenakademie will offer workshops and interviews with experts who have had similar experience and have already successfully graduated from one of the Ivy League Schools like Harvard, Rice or Yale. This will allow applicants to learn more about the overall experience, hear the common challenges, receive tips on the application process, ask questions meet with other applicants, inter alia.

Application Process

Application requirements and key steps will be provided as a report to the applicants of this program.

Deutsche Juristenakademie will provide support for all of the application steps and will create a personal connection in the admission office of the desired institute and also will provide support to send these application documents in time to the personal contact. 

Deutsche Juristenakademie will provide support for all the steps of the application processes for universities like Harvard University or Boston University or any other school of the Ivy-League.

Deutsche Juristenakademie will provide guidance, tips and advice for the interviewing of the desired institute. 

Deutsche Juristenakademie will provide guidance and support for all the necessary application forms, preparation for the Resumes, Cover Letters, obtaining the right Reference Letters, introducing to key stakeholders at desired institutes  to the applicants and create an opportunity to obtain invaluable reference letters which may be game changers for the application processes. Timeliness is a very important manner in the application process to American Universities, hence, the learning journey maps with crucial deadlines and key process steps will provide tremendous value to the applicants.

Accommodation and Travelling

Deutsche Juristenakademie will provide support for the visa application process.

Deutsche Juristenakademie will provide guidance for the accommodation, travelling, tuition of the program and also the necessary insurance information of the desired degree for the applicants. This information will be provided as a report after the acceptance of the student to the applied program.  

Benefits of the Program

Personal mentorship will be offered to the students.

All of the applicants of this program will receive a custom-built learning journey map for their educational path in the next 3-4 years. This will be a great road map for them to follow with the right tool set, steps, processes, deadlines and resources to achieve their goals. 

Deutsche Juristenakademie conducts interviews with the applicants to understand their future goals. This interview will be held by two DJA experts with similar prior demanded experience. 

Deutsche Juristenakademie presents a research study about the desired services for the applicant.

Deutsche Juristenakademie offers one interview with an expert who has had the desired experience or is in a position that the applicant would like to achieve.

This program will help applicants to get in touch immediately with the students and locals of the desired university.

Alumni Network & Membership

Graduates of this program will become a member of the Alumni Network of the Deutsche Juristenakademie

Students of this program will have a Fully Qualified DJA Membership for 1 year

Internship Opportunity

Students of this program will be able to receive an International Internship Opportunity with global companies and the best and the most exciting law offices around the world 


Immersion is an in-person event which will allow all members to meet face-to-face, network with faculty and lecturers during events and participate in hands-on guided learning exercises. 

There will be one immersion at the end of the program which will be held in person either in Munich or Boston, MA USA or any other city around the world.

During these in-person experiences, you will meet face-to-face with your classmates, network with faculty and lecturers during events and participate in hands-on guided learning exercises. 

You will be responsible for travel and room and board costs for the immersion. Specific details regarding hotel costs and location may vary based on the cohort. 

As this is a non-degree-bearing program, we are unable to offer visa sponsorship for international students attending an immersion.

*While immersions typically take place in-person, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and related government and university restrictions on travel and gatherings maybe require us to hold several upcoming immersions in virtual format.

**All of the Deutsche Juristenakademie Programs welcomes participants of all backgrounds and abilities. 

***Deutsche Juristenakademie has the right to postpone or cancel the course two weeks after registration. In the case of cancelling, there will be a reimbursement of the tuition. 

****Applicants are responsible for all of the costs related to the application of the desired institute. Deutsche Juristenakademie is not responsible for any of the necessary costs of the application process, visa applications, school tuitions, accommodations of the students, insurances that are necessary.