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The Deutsche Juristenakademie has a well defined membership program with unique benefits and advantages for all students and graduates around the world to strengthens and enhance our global network of DJA’s educated legal and business professionals, lawyers, judges and international high ranked managers.

Within the fully qualified membership you get:

First hand and exclusive communication channel with an individual expert to assist and support you with all questions concerning your law education and career opportunities in entire Europe and US and especially Germany.

Primary access to all courses and packages

Discount of 40 % for all packages and 30% for all law courses

After two years being a member you get access to our Alumni network worldwide.

Permanently get updated with the latest news about Deutsche Juristenakademie, the latest important decisions of the highest court, and opportunities concerning Legal Tech A.I.

Get updated about career opportunities and immersions and gathering of Deutsche Juristenakademie worldwide.

Access to our internal network for meet ups, discussions, chat and be in exchange with students and graduates of DJA globally.

Access to all the listings of career opportunities within the Alumni Network