Our Goal

Engaging students to learn and understand the Law & Justice better




Learning Today For A Better Tomorrow

Our courses are designed with the world-leading technology and innovation based on our own patented platform supported by
Artificial Intelligence.

1st & 2nd German State Exam Preparations

We offer Compact & Exclusive preparation courses for the German State Exams.

Online Law Courses in United States

We offer consulting services to support you to apply for courses in US, get certificates or pass the bar exam in US.

Get a LL.M. Degree in United States

We prepare application packages and help you get the best preparation.

Our Methodology

We have developed a methodology which has been proved to be successful with a 100% success rate. We have developed our revolutionary teaching method to enable our students to learn the German Law in detail. We provide custom built learning paths for our students to achieve their best potentials. We are dedicated to educate mindful global citizens.

Our Experience

We have carefully prepared all our students and so far every single one of them has successfully passed the State Exam on their first trial. We have a well-thought teaching methodology which we developed with our extensive experience with our team of lawyers, professors and lecturers.

Backed by Science, thought by Experts!

We are equipped with the best educational tools for achieving the highest student engagement!

Our Learning Packages

We offer various packages to our students to help them achieve their highest potentials!

Compact German State Exam Preparation

Get prepared for the State Exam in six months with our well established method and support.

Practice Exams

We offer practice tests and exams online to sharpen your skills and knowledge for you to success the State Exams.

Exclusive German State Exam Preparation

Not only pass the exam but also learn and understand German Law in detail with this well defined twelve-month learning path.

Practice Law in Germany

We assist you to be able to practice law in Germany as a foreign lawyer.

Custom Built Learning Paths

We build a learning path for you to develop your skills and knowledge to become a better lawyer.

Take Law Courses in US

Obtain Law courses in United States in person or online with one of our partner ivy league universities.

Master of Laws Degree in US

Get your Law School Application package ready and obtain your Master of Laws in United States with one of our partner universities.

Practice Law in US

Get prepared for the American Bar Exam with our experienced team and be eligible to perform law in US.

Internship Opportunities

Students of all DJA’s programs will be able to receive an International Internship Opportunity with one of the best global companies or the most exciting law offices around the world.

Ph.D. & MBA in United States

This is a comprehensive package for individuals who are willing to apply for a Ph.D. and MBA in the United States.

Study Law in United States & Get a JD Degree

This is a comprehensive package for high school graduates who are willing to study law at top rank schools like Harvard, Brown, Yale & Stanford in the United States and obtain a JD Degree.

Deutsche Juristenakademie Alumni Network

Alumni Network allows students to be part of this strong network with high rank lawyers, jurists, scientists, and faculty.


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